About The Academy

Unemployment Problem

Unemployment problem has been a biggest challenge in the country. Millions of unemployed youth, particularly from rural background, migrating towards the urban places in search of employment was driven to despair for not finding a job of their choice. The growing population of frustrated youth was a serious concern to the policy makers.

Sowing the Seed

A unique initiative was taken way back in 1982, in a humble manner, for converting these unemployed youth into prolific assets. The experiment was found successful and resulted in the establishment of Rural Development & Self Employment Training Institute (RUDSETI) jointly by Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Education Trust, Syndicate Bank & Canara Bank with Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadhikari of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala as the President of this organization.

Growth of the Concept

RUDSET Institute through its experimentation and innovation adopted a unique approach of identifying, motivating, training and facilitating the unemployed youth to take up self-employment. The RUDSETI model envisages empowerment through knowledge, skill and attitude development. RUDSETI has established its centers across the country. Realizing the result oriented and cost efficient approach of RUDSETI in mitigating the unemployment problem, Government of India, State Governments, SIDBI & NABARD supported establishing of RUDSET Institutes across the country and nurtured the concept.

Micro & Small Enterprises – Fuel for Growth

After the implementation of economic reforms in the country, job opportunities have increased substantially. However, availability of suitable manpower with requisite skills in the emerging sectors remains a challenging issue. Tremendous growth in the economy has opened up unlimited opportunities in the ancillary and service sectors for establishing Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs). Developing the right attitude and right skills among the rural youth and motivating them to become entrepreneurs is the key to future growth.

RUDSETI: A-what-works-model

Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development (MORD) has recognized RUDSETI approach of promoting micro enterprises as an effective model for addressing unemployment problem & creation of sustainable livelihood. In a significant move, the Ministry advised all the Banks to establish Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs) in all the districts of the country, on the model of RUDSET Institutes. The Ministry’s objective is to link the Government sponsored livelihood / poverty alleviation programs to the RSETI training for better results.

Standardized Approach

To ensure uniformity and standardization in the establishment and management of RSETI’s, a need was felt to train the Directors and Faculty of RSETI’s. The training aims at:

The sponsors of RUDSET Institutes, with a vision to carry forward the movement and to address the above needs, created National Academy of RUDSETI.