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Welcome to the website of National Academy of RUDSETI ! National Academy of RUDSETI (NAR) is a resource organization committed to Entrepreneurship Development through motivation, training and facilitation. It is an exceptional joint venture promoted by two public sector Banks and an Educational Trust of Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala. NAR has been established to spread RUDSETI model of Entrepreneurship Development, which has been found effective in motivating the un-employed youth to take up self-employment as a career option. This has enabled to convert a large chunk of latent human resources into productive assets in the country.

National Academy of RUDSETI (NAR), an offshoot of RUDSETI movement is spearheading the concept by Training the Trainers/facilitators and mentoring the Rural Self Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs) established across the country. The NAR is also in to capacity building of development organizations by orienting and training the rural development workers and development officials.

India has a glorious record of entrepreneurial achievements. Tremendous growth of Indian Economy during the last decade has been driven by the entrepreneurs, who have explored the potential of the country and unleashed their entrepreneurship to create wealth for the country. Most of these achievers are first generation entrepreneurs, who hail from non entrepreneurial back ground. Experiments & researches have proved that it is possible to develop entrepreneurship by motivation, proper training & facilitation. RUDSETI has experimented this and achieved success. Highly encouraging success of this approach has resulted in developing lakhs of entrepreneurs out of un employed or un employable youth across the country.

As a humble service to the country towards addressing un employment problem in a sustainable manner, National Academy of RUDSETI has dedicated itself to develop Entrepreneurship Development Trainer facilitators and organisations.

Sri. N SATHIYAMOORTHY, Director General


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